Back on board the boat the remaining diver related the dreadful experience. The crew rescued the body of the other man and headed out of the lagoon. They began to plan the capture of the Creature. The mouth of the lagoon was barricaded. While they were deciding how to remove the obstacle the Creature climbed into the boat. Before anyone realized what was happening it kidnapped a woman and dragged her beneath the water. All thought of capture was abandoned. The diver grabbed his spear-gun and followed the vanishing figures. A rocky wall appeared before him. He entered a crevasse which opened into a cave, the underwater liar of the Creature. There he found the Creature and its captive. The diver took careful aim with his spear-gun and fired. The spears merely glanced off the Creature's scaly body. The other members of the group found an alternate entrance to the cave on shore. Armed with pistols and rifles they climbed down into it. As their eyes became accustomed to the gloom the rescue party saw their companions. Disregarding warnings the rescuers scrambled over the slippery rocks. From around a boulder the Creature appeared. The men fired at it. Bullets were far more effective than spears. A vile substance oozed from the wounds. For a time it looked like the Creature would attack. Instead it climbed out of the cave. The men pursued it through the jungle. It was fantastic that anything could have survived but, undaunted, the Creature continued to the sea. They watched as the Creature swam out and then disappeared beneath the water. Who would believe what they had seen? You may. Someday, as you look at the ocean water and hear a splashing, and see a fish, look closer. Then run for your life.