Early in this century an expedition went to the ancient Valley of the Kings. Their purpose was to find the tomb of the legendary Princess Anahnka. Looking into the Valley they saw great heaps of rubble. Entrances of already exploited tombs resembled mouths opened in supernatural screams. The whole Valley reminded them of pictures of the moon. Work on the excavation began. Scarcely had the soil been cleared away when they were upon the entrance to a tomb. The upper part of a doorway was uncovered. What little could be seen showed it to be blocked and sealed. The seal was examined and found to be royal, clear proof that a person of very high standing was interred was opened. The workers gasped in amazement. The chamber was filled with gold. There were golden couches, a gilded throne, curious shrines and bizarre animal heads. Amid all this splendor there were traces of intruders. Why hadn't the grave robbers plundered this golden treasure? Examining the tomb further they discovered another door over which was an inscription in hieroglyphics. Deciphered, it read, "Death will come on swift pinions to those who disturbs the rest of Anahnka." A sentinel figure guarded the door. On the mummy case of the figure were protective formulas on adjuration to "frighten away the enemy of Anahnka in whatever form he may come." Another inscription yielded the fact that the case contained the mummy of Kharis, and high priest, who was to protect Anahnka in death. The door behind the sentinel opened into the burial chamber containing a golden shrine and a coffin. The archaeologists rapidly set about disassembling the coffin. Then, at long last, Anahnka's mummy was uncovered. As the men worked they were disturbed by a sudden feeling of invisible danger. Re-entering the antechamber they found mummy case of Kharis open; enough to partially expose its contents. All eyes turned again to the inscription over the door. Scientific curiosity bade them investigate. As they opened the case wider silence fell over the men-the left arm of the mummy was moving slowly to its side.