There must be a reasonable explanation for this, they thought. Surely the fresh air after thousands of years made the case swell and spring apart, and caused the four thousand year old wrappings to crumble. During the transporting of the effects of the tomb to the museum Kharis' mummy case was noted missing. Some thought that the crated case was merely unmarked and would turn up. Others began whispering about punishments visited from the spirit realm on blasphemers. Someone, or something, broke into the museum one night. Beside the display of Anahnka's mummy museum officials found traces of burnt incense. During the day a strange man was often seen at the display. He was quite large and his right arm was always clutched to his body while the left one swung free. Other visitors avoided him, not only because he chanted over the mummy in an unknown language, but because he had the unmistakable stench of death about him. Glimpses of his face were seen although he wore a large hat pulled down. It was horrible. The skin was so dry and withered it was cracking. And, it was gray-yellow in color, much like the remains of Anahnka. Members of the expedition began dying from unexplained causes. An expert in Egyptology died as he was about to X-ray Anahnka's mummy. Another, the thirty-first victim, died of an unknown fever. An archaeologist was found dead in his apartment though when he went to bed he appeared in the best of health. In each case gauze, like the wrappings on a mummy, was found. None of the deaths were attributed to germs of bacteria. All of the members of the original expedition had perished as have their close relatives. Now the circle is widening. Will it ever end? Or, must Kharis forever walk the earth seeking revenge upon those who disturbed the final rest of his mistress? Who knows? Will you be a victim?